What is the measure of creativity? Is it the number of unfinished projects or the number of cluttered ideas on one's mind? Let's find out.

Creativity is a blessing, but if not intentionally managed, it can become - - well, not a curse - - but perhaps a burden. Today, I started my day with no real plan. "It's a Sunday," I thought. Perhaps I should rest and allow my body to recover from the Coronavirus. Well, I'm not very good at resting, so I gave the day permission to control me. 

After attending church online, I fulfilled the orders that had come through my website. Then, I thought, "What next?" I'm still rather weak, so I grabbed my laptop and went to work. I decided to update my website with the new items I recently designed. In the middle of that, I remembered that I had signed up for a Later account but had not yet used it. (Later allows you to schedule social media posts for weeks in advance). So, over to Later I went. I was able to get my accounts connected and I scheduled about two weeks' worth of Instagram posts before I realized that I needed more graphics. Off to Canva I went to create some graphics. On and on, I hopped from one thing to another and here I am on my blog! I think you get my point. I started so many things but didn't finish any.

Again, I ask "What is the measure of creativity?" Only I can truly define it for myself and you get to determine what it is for you. Whatever your answer is, staying focused on one or two creative ideas at a time will only benefit your creativity. Focus is a key ingredient for creatives. The measure of my creativity is completion.


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